Please refer to this page if you have any questions as we aim to update it regulary


Can anybody play in MetroPool.Club?

Yes, MetroPool.Club is open to all players in Sydney of any grade.

How can I pay the registration fee to secure my spot?

Please use the following bank details for all Metro Pool Club payments:

Commonwealth Bank

Name: Foxtrot Yankee India
BSB: 062948
ACC: 1240 2079

Are registration fees refundable?

No, registration fees are not refundable.

League Rules

What are the rules?

The 8 ball singles league will use the BCA 8 ball rules that can be viewed here.

What happens if two players finish on the same points in the league?

If two players finish on the same points the players will be seperated by: frame difference, frames won, frames lost, break & runs, head to head.

What happens if two players finish on the same number of break and runs?

If two players finish on the total break and runs the players will be seperated by break and run percentage, lags, head to head.

Will the singles league be handicapped?

Yes, the grading system is very simple to understand, a full explanation can be viewed on the Grades & Handicaps page.

What happens if I can't play one week or I am going on holiday?

No worries, a singles league is slighty different to teams as there are no reserves of course. Therefore everyone has to be flexible to make it work so players can rearrange fixtures if they are unable to play. The only caveat being that no player can be two weeks (4 matches) ahead or behind the fixture list.

What happens if my opponent doesn't turn up?

If your opponent doesn't turn up and hasn't rearranged the fixture the match will be forfeited as a whitewash (to handicap).

What happens if my opponent is late?

If your opponent is late you will be awarded one frame forfeit for every 10 minutes ellapsed past the match start time. We had hoped to avoid penalties but unfortunately not everyone arrived on time and matches were finishing too late. If you think you might not be able to make the start time for your match you can simply requst a later start time.

Can I play my match on another night instead of Monday?

Yes (with the agreement of your opponent), however please be aware that the tables will only be free between 7-11pm on Metro Monday nights.

What is a "break & run"" and why are they important?

MetroPool.Club only recognises real break and runs and therefore can only be acheived by the breaking player. Each player with the most break and runs in each division at the end of the season will have the chance to play the ghost for a share of the break and run prize during the Grand Finals.

What happens if a player drops out of the league?

If a player drops out of the league before they have played 5 games all their previous results will be voided and the player will forfeit all registration and league fees paid. If a player drops out after that have played 5 matches or more their results will stand and they will forfeit all future matches to handicap.

Foul shots

If you think a player is going to attempt a potentially foul shot please ask a third party to watch before the shot is played. A foul can not be called retrospectivly if nobody has watched the shot and there is a dispute.

Weekly payments and scoresheets

All players must submit $15 per match and a signed score sheet after each match.

Grand Finals

Can anyone play in the grand finals?

No, only the players that have completed a full season and paid all their entry fees.

Why does every player get to play in the grand finals?

We wanted to make the league meaningful with cash prizes for topping each division. Therefore in order to maintain the integrity of the league and to minimise people dropping out we wanted to ensure that every match counts.

Does my league position mean anything?

Yes, it is very important as the grand finals will be seeded based on your overall league finish. Higher finishers may also start deeper in the draw, this will be finalised once final numbers are known.

Will the grand finals be handicapped?

Yes, the grading system is very simple to understand, a full explanation can be viewed on the Grades & Handicaps page.


Do you really pay cash prizes?

Yes, apart from the trophy all prizes will be paid in cash so you can spend it whatever cue or trip to Vegas you like!

Will all the entry fees be paid out?

Yes, all the entry fees will be paid out as cash prizes and trophies. Some small running costs will be taken from the registration such as bank fees, web hosting etc. but unlike other leagues no admin fee will be taken.

Do you take green fees from the prize money?

No, MetroPool.Club does not profit from green fees which means more prize money for the players!

Can I really play in the BCA Championships in Vegas if I play in MetroPool.Club?

Yes, all players that play in MetroPool.Club will be eligible to represent Australia in both the singles and scotch doubles events in Las Vegas!

About Us

MetroPool.Club was created to provide on online platform that can be used to manage various pool competitions. The main aim is to simplify the admin process and reduce the cost of managing events and thereby increasing the amount of prize money that can be passed on to the players.

By automating as much of the process as possible via mobile and web friendly user interfaces, social media, PayPal, and an SMS Gateway the players will also benefit from real time results and stats, no more waiting for manual reports!

It is hoped that this platform will also lead to more exposure for the game which will result in greater participation, sponsorship and even greater prizes. With the players support and a bit of luck we can create a league that will satisfy both the social and the advanced players.