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ROUND 18 -
Match Time Player 1 (Race to 7) Player 2
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  Late players will forfeit 1 frame for each 10 mintes ellapsed after the scheduled start time.

  These matches also count towards the players graded division.

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About Us

MetroPool.Club was created to provide on online platform that can be used to manage various pool competitions. The main aim is to simplify the admin process and reduce the cost of managing events and thereby increasing the amount of prize money that can be passed on to the players.

By automating as much of the process as possible via mobile and web friendly user interfaces, social media, PayPal, and an SMS Gateway the players will also benefit from real time results and stats, no more waiting for manual reports!

It is hoped that this platform will also lead to more exposure for the game which will result in greater participation, sponsorship and even greater prizes. With the players support and a bit of luck we can create a league that will satisfy both the social and the advanced players.