Grades & Handicaps

 A new easy to understand 4 grade handicap system!

Handicap System

How does the handicap system work?

MetroPool.Club uses a very simple 4 grade handicap system that is loosely based on the VNEA and BCA ranking systems.

The table below is intended to be used as a guide for players to estimate what grade they will be playing in. However because some players may be under handicapped in other leagues a final decision of what grade a player is will be made by MetroPool.Club before play starts.

All matches in the MetroPool.Club singles league are race to 7 with each player receiving +2 frame start for a sinlge grade difference, +1 additional frame start for any subsequent grade differences. If both players have the same grade they will both start off scratch.

MetroPool.Club Diamond Pub Pool
Master 12+ 26+
Advanced 8 - 11 20 - 25
Intermediate 4 - 7 10 - 19
Open 1-3 < 9

Player Grades

What grade am I?

The comprehenssive list below should contain all the active players in the Sydney Metropolitan region, if you name does not appear on this list you can add it during registration or contact me via facebook and I will add you to the list.

Name Surname Grade
Aaron Kane Advanced
Aaron Mcphie Open
Aaron Shield Open
Adam Reynierse Open
Adrian Robertson Open
Alan McCarthy Master
Alan Wilkinson Advanced
Alby BarnBarn Intermediate
Alex Koussas Intermediate
Amir Riaz Advanced
Andrew Dunglison Open
Andrew Samarjia Advanced
Andy Adams Open
Andy Nguyen Advanced
Apsem Jibiail Open
Archie Luminarias Advanced
Ashwin Kumar Intermediate
Barry Stone Open
Beau Ranawake Intermediate
Ben Ness Intermediate
Ben O'Neil Intermediate
Benni Poulivatti Advanced
Bobby Yaldwyn Intermediate
Brad Thomson Open
Brendan Peebles Open
Chard Velayo Intermediate
Chris Brown Intermediate
Chris Calabrese Master
Chris Cambourakis Open
Chris Creais Open
Chris King Intermediate
Chris Kovacs Advanced
Conor McAllister Advanced
Craig Riley Master
Cy Lynchwoodlock Open
Dale Langford Open
Damien Duroux Intermediate
Daniel Black Open
Daniel Megahey Advanced
Daniel Wallace Open
Danny Senko Intermediate
Danny Stone Master
Darren Levien Intermediate
Dave Fromm Open
Dave Gardner Open
Dave Gormly Intermediate
David Brenner Open
David Uaita Advanced
Denis Gemmell Open
Dermot McDonagh Intermediate
Des Purwa Open
Desiree Pratt Open
Efi Lio Advanced
Elliot Newton Open
Elmer Ugay Intermediate
Emilio Lui Advanced
Fabio Rosa Advanced
Farid Hazraty Advanced
Fleur Williamson Intermediate
Frank Kyle Open
Gavin Douglas Advanced
Gemma Schuman Open
George Dennouai Advanced
Georgina Dudacek Open
Gina Potter Open
Glen Faucett Intermediate
Gordon Thurgood Open
Graham Parker Open
Greg Jenkins Master
Gurol Yusuf Open
Gwills Chan Intermediate
Gwils Chan Intermediate
Heath Bateman-Paul Open
Heath Nolan Open
Hector McAllister Intermediate
Hoc Sung Master
Huy Diep Intermediate
Iain Lazoryzak Open
Ivan Liu Advanced
Ivan Petrovski Advanced
Jacob Kurniawan Open
Jacquie Lolong Open
Jake Stone Intermediate
JakeJake Redman Open
James Cheah Open
James Hardy Advanced
James IsleIsle Open
James Rainey Intermediate
James Roberts Advanced
Jamie Cullinan Intermediate
Jamie Walker Advanced
Jamie Williams Advanced
Jason Holz Intermediate
Jason Senko Advanced
Jeff Newton Open
Jing Liu Open
Joe Osai Advanced
Joe Sabia Advanced
Joel Sheridan Intermediate
JoelJoel Edwards Open
John Dajoutis Intermediate
John Marosevic Intermediate
John Mcdermott Intermediate
John O'Keefe Open
John Tonner Intermediate
Jon Burrard Advanced
Jon Santiago Open
Jonathan Calleja Advanced
Jonathon Walke Intermediate
Josh Buidice Open
JoshJosh Miles Open
Kamal Melham Intermediate
Kate Harrison Open
Keith Cole Intermediate
Ken Bamblett Intermediate
Ken Campbell Intermediate
Kev Wahren Open
Kim Ng Intermediate
Kymo Biddulph Advanced
Lachlan Wilson Open
Leigh Senko Advanced
Leon Huie Open
Les Brown Open
Lew Elbourne Open
Lisa McDonald Open
Louis Leung Intermediate
Louise Moore Open
Maher El Omari Advanced
Manny Hipolati Advanced
Mark Boyd Intermediate
Mark Burgess Open
Mark Burgess Open
Mark Laing Advanced
Mark Lane Intermediate
Mark Rudloff Open
Marvin Monzon Intermediate
Matt Helm Advanced
Matt Lemos Intermediate
Matt Pickering Advanced
Matthew Cormack Open
Michael Eskander Open
Michael Morrison Advanced
Michael Romera Intermediate
Michael Sparks Open
Michael Wright Advanced
Mick Fogarty Intermediate
Mike Jennings Intermediate
Miles Allison Open
Minh Duong Open
Mitchell Tucker Intermediate
Morgan McNelis Advanced
Nat Sang Intermediate
Nathan Wood Open
Nick Gahan Advanced
Noize Edwards Open
Owen Hayward Intermediate
Pat McCarthy Intermediate
Paul Bayly Advanced
Paul Godber Open
Paul Lilley Intermediate
Peter Stewart Open
Phil Deschanel Intermediate
Phil Thurgood Open
PhilPhil Holley Open
Pinky Quinn Advanced
Ray Gao Open
Rea Wang Open
Rebecca O'Halloran Open
Richard Coolings Open
Richard Tiffany Open
Rick Pitt Intermediate
Ricky Jian Liu Advanced
Rob Spinks Intermediate
Robert Huber Open
Rodney Bueller Open
Rodney Sokai Intermediate
Ross Geddes Intermediate
Ryan Holland Intermediate
Ryan Murden Open
S'Caty Kuki Jan Open
Sam Phipps Advanced
Sam Youakim Open
Sandra Markovic Open
Sarah Richards Open
Sarvesh Desai Open
Scott McMahon Intermediate
Scott Taylor Advanced
Shane O'Keefe Intermediate
Shaun Oglesby Advanced
Shaun Scully Intermediate
Simon Felice Open
Simon Felice Open
Stephen Adams Open
Stephen Wood Advanced
Steve Costa Intermediate
Steve Lambert Advanced
Steve McAllister Open
Steve Theobald Intermediate
Stuart Rogers Advanced
Sunny Riaz Advanced
Suzanne Grobke Open
Taulima Parker Open
Tim Zhou Open
Todd Hayward Master
Todd Williams Open
Tom Harta Advanced
Tony Behan Advanced
Tony Griffith Advanced
TonyTony Trevascus Open
Travis Crawley Advanced
Wayne Robson Open
Will Cross Open
Will Pearce Open
William Bolton Intermediate
Zaki Chowdhury Intermediate

About Us

MetroPool.Club was created to provide on online platform that can be used to manage various pool competitions. The main aim is to simplify the admin process and reduce the cost of managing events and thereby increasing the amount of prize money that can be passed on to the players.

By automating as much of the process as possible via mobile and web friendly user interfaces, social media, PayPal, and an SMS Gateway the players will also benefit from real time results and stats, no more waiting for manual reports!

It is hoped that this platform will also lead to more exposure for the game which will result in greater participation, sponsorship and even greater prizes. With the players support and a bit of luck we can create a league that will satisfy both the social and the advanced players.